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Children's Silicone 360 Degree Toothbrush Replacement Head

😁 EmiSmile Brush Head is a U-shaped brush head designed to effectively remove plaque and bacteria, while remaining very gentle on gums and teeth.

🤗 3 Rows of intricate silicone bristles, 360 degrees on each side of tooth to effectively clean teeth all at once!

💫 The 360 degree, U-shaped brush head cleans all teeth at ONCE, making brushing time much FASTER, easier, and more effective.

Different size brush heads meet the child’s developmental stage-

👶 Baby’s edition is available for ages 2-6

👧 👦 Children’s edition is available for ages 6-12

🎉  Let's face it, your child may not be addressing every tooth! EmiSmile Brush on the other hand, attacks surface spots from every angle!

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