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Welcome to our store! We are so glad that you have taken the time to check out EmiSmile Brush! We promise that you will not be disappointed!


EmiSmile Brush was started out of a very REAL need for our own kids to effectively BRUSH their teeth!

We couldn’t battle every single day with our kids over brushing, nor could we succumb to dental expenses! We are also WORKING parents- busy and tired, and strive to find every possible parenting-hack there is to make it easier! 

I am the founder, Emily, and a mom of two daughters. My youngest daughter is two years old, and she was starting the Do-It-Myself phase big time! What should be a peaceful time of the night- was CRAZINESS  trying to get teeth brushed.

The brushing strategy was basically holding her as mommy brushes teeth as fast as possible, while she tried to wiggle away. It was completely dysfunctional… and after all the squirming- her teeth still were NOT getting the attention they needed!

I couldn’t find a good solution… UNTIL… EmiSmile Brush was created!

I wanted a BETTER option than what was already out there. I needed something that checked ALL the boxes, (and then some) … 

  • An EFFECTIVE toothbrush that was going to get all the hard to reach spots
  • Remain gentle and not damage gums
  • EASY enough that kids can use it THEMSELVES
  • A brush head that could brush ALL teeth at the SAME time
  • A toothbrush that would be automatic and fast, yet still effective
  • A toothbrush that could be easily SANITIZED, in today’s times- that a necessity!
  • An irresistible looking toy that they WANTED to use
  • More affordable for parents, while all similar alternatives were over $120!
  • Reliable, direct, accessible customer service 


When my daughters received their EmiSmile Brushes for the first time- it was pure JOY and EXCITEMENT! They couldn’t wait to try them out!

This is an entirely new brushing experience for kids (and parents) than using a regular toothbrush. Lots of PRAISE was key during the first couple weeks of the introduction process for both my daughters! 

Then....THAT MOMENT you have waited for- when the kids realize that they can hold it in their mouth, swivel it back and forth until it turns off automatically, and they look up at you with PRIDE that they JUST DID IT!! 🤗

They loved it SO much, they wanted to do it AGAIN. Now, THEY ask ME to brush their teeth twice a day! I also have the floss, mouthwash, rinse cup all ready to go- and they do it ALL without a single complaint! 

I often double check that EmiSmile Brush got all the spots, and am so impressed every time! 


Our customers are Parents with preschool aged kids to middle school aged children (Ages 2-12) seeking a solution to:

  • Help kids to have a positive association with brushing teeth
  • Build independence and confidence with this important skill
  • Give parents the peace of mind knowing that their teeth are getting clean
  • Instill the importance of a calm nighttime routine

Grandparents seek out EmiSmile Brush for their grandkids to help them with all of the above, in addition:

  • To help instill great dental habits to keep them healthy
  • Give them a great gift that is equally practical and FUN that they would love to receive.
  • EmiSmile Brush is an awesome treat for a Holiday stocking stuffer, in an Easter Basket, for a Birthday, and the most special of all- just because!
    Mom with toddler and child getting ready to use EmiSmile Brush!


Our products are made in the Best Dental Manufacturing Facility, that produces the most well known dental supplies for the biggest companies. The quality and craftsmanship are top of the line. We stand behind the certified design, and laboratory testing that proves the effectiveness of the EmiSmile Brush over and over again.

Dentists all across the country, have reviewed EmiSmile Brush and agreed it’s an AMAZING product that they now recommend to their patients! To be able to get a 2 year old to have a good association with brushing early on, is so helpful for the future of their dental care. 

Our business is setup for ONLINE sales only to keep the costs DOWN and pass on all of the savings to YOU. By offering our products online we can save you up to 70% off retail prices. All our products are top quality and come with a money back guarantee. We have developed a winning, patented product and are proud to make it accessible to everyone!

We truly feel we have an obligation to let parents everywhere know that there is a GREAT SOLUTION- and we are here to HELP!

Through advertising and word of mouth, thousands of kids are now using EmiSmile Brush all over the world! The reactions and reviews are outstanding!


EmiSmile Brush offers incredible care and customer service. We make customer service the most important aspect of our business. We like to offer personal and genuine customer service rather than the robotic style you may get from other large corporations.

Our team of customer service staff can be contacted anytime, and they are dedicated to ensuring that every one of our customer's expectations are exceeded.

Along the way, we have helped so many parents and kids end this daily battle- and begin to watch their kids LOVE to brush with their EmiSmile Brush. It’s incredibly rewarding! We are SO THANKFUL! ❤️ 


Our mission going forward for EmiSmile Brush is very exciting! We are growing and planning to make an ADULT VERSION with built-in UV sanitation! Coming Soon!

We would like to GIVE BACK to those in need. So many children are not in a great situation right now due to the struggle with Covid and other circumstances, and we would like to HELP as much as we can by donating a portion of our profits to these families.  

Its inexplicable to let our kids suffer another day of plaque buildup because of the difficulty we are faced with to brush their teeth. Try EmiSmile Brush and see the difference! 

Our mission is to shout from the rooftops to let parents know there is FINALLY a GREAT solution! We want to make sure everyone is informed that we can help create a good association with oral care for their kids.

100% Satisfaction guaranteed! 


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Emily ❤️

Founder of EmiSmile Brush



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